Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Idea Stature: Medium. Flat screen T.V.'s. Video phones. - Why oh why don't flat screen T.V.'s have tiny cameras imbedded at the very top of the screen with facial tracking software as well as a built in microphone and wireless internet access? Are the marketing geniuses that design the best selling modern invention of our time holding out on us like apple did with the iphone? "Hold off on that until our sales dip, then we'll introduce it", I can see the board room reps greedily rubbing their hands together and saying this.

I've found recently that with a baby on the way and my parents, brother and other long-not-seen realatives are gonna want to see that baby drooling and flailing or even just sleeping in high-def on their flat screens! I'm sure that there are gaggles of americans and maybe even unamericans that wouldn't mind an incoming video chat on their television that pauses the program and asks you if you want to answer or ignore. I mean, if it's your annoying friend jimmy who's never so pretty in the morning you might want to pretent you're not there, but why aren't we taking reality T.V. to the realest level. Don't you sort of want to prank video dial someone in china just to see what happens? What about voice recognition software built into the thing that converts speech to text in other languages so we CAN talk to someone in china if we want? What better way to build a world community than from the comfort of our couches? In all the time we've had cameras in our laptops, I've seen someone I know use it only a couple of times.

So corporate America, let's please push the technological envelope yet again and bring on the HD video phone!... Thanks.

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