Monday, August 17, 2009

Water Friendly Tech

Idea Stature: Big. Interesting thing about humans, when we jump in a pool of water we don't break. I wish I could say the same for my iPhone. Not only do we not break, but we actually perform better when we ingest more water. It seems to me that animals on every level function on a minimal amount of electricity. When thinking about new ideas for the next big gadget, maybe we should be using the brain and the nervous system as a perfect model. I would love to see tech that we "feed" organic material or water in order for them to function. Until then, I'm not sure we can evolve as a technology-wielding species. It's interesting to me that when we see robots in futuristic movies, they are based on the same clunky - dry and unreliable technology that we use now. I think that any animatron in the future will thrive in the rain, be amphibious to some extent like most animals and possibly be powered by or excrete water - the most abundant resource on earth. Not only that, but the more they are used, the stronger they should be unlike present tech that breaks long before the lifetime of the user has expired. These fundamental elements that are present in all sentient life are what are holding present technology back from being a truly superior tool. To see some promising steps in the right direction, check out this site:

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  1. Oregon may come up with something eventually. After all, we do water quite well. But another great idea, and one of the reasons I love living here - a new 12-story office building in the city is creating it's own power by installing 4 40-foot wind towers. I read about it on one of the news station websites and thought, "That's pretty damn awesome...wait. That building looks fam..." And I looked out my wondow, and there it was. Wish I could post a pic here.