Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dome Home

Idea Stature: Big. Your neighbors may not think they look so cool but did you know that dome houses are way energy efficient and way cheap to build? Not only that, but they are super resistant to catastrophic events such as high winds, earthquakes, floods and fire - especially if they are constructed out of steel and concrete. It's hard sit back, watch tsunamis, earthquakes and large fires kill our people and not consider these super awesome structures as the wave of the future in terms of human survival. Why shouldn't everyone have a house that not only is built to be impervious to mother nature, but also free to live in because it has a fully functional hydroponic greenhouse, composts all of it's waste or converts to energy, is hooked to solar and wind power sources, has gadgets to desalinize water and/or pull it from the air and is just super high tech? The hippies were on the right track, but just didn't have the tech to implement their ideas. This is America and if we can't live independently, then we haven't come to fruition. Side note: why are solar panels on on flat surfaces? Why wouldn't they conform to the triangular dome system to fully benefit from all the suns angles and rotations throughout the year? Thanks Bucky Fuller, It's time to sit on your shoulders and reach for the future. You get the Idea.

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